Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sephora Hauls

*This post is a collective haul from Sephora.*

So this is my online order :
~The shipping was a little bit long compared to my other experiences with ebay, sasa, etc...(I received it after 12 days) : 

I mainly made an order on because of this gift set that is unavailable in my area.

I purchased the following products just to have the free shipping :)

I finally exchanged my 500 points for something worth it :) 
The Nars kit contained a: Pro prime pore refining primer, pro prime smudgeproof eyeshadow base, a small velvet gloss pencil in new lover, and a small Orgasm blush.

I'm really excited to try it because I don't owned any of their products and I have heard good reviews on this brand in general.

I got this amazing bag of deluxe samples with the code ''party'' only available for Canadian residents (Unfortunately, it's already expired).

Finally, Sephora gave me a VIB tote and some mini samples:

VIB 20% off : 

I only bought myself a Hello Kitty perfume. Isn't the bottle cute? but it smells really good too:)

Black friday 12$ deals :

 Omg this bronzer smells just like chocolates and the brush is so cute and mini!

The last but not the least: SAMPLES :)


  1. This is a fabulous haul, Joanne! I have a few things I want to order from Sephora, but I am just waiting on the funds to do so! I love that little nars kit! I am so intrigued and would love to hear your opinion on everything it contains, more specifically the pore refining primer! Thanks for posting! I love seeing what women receive from sephora online.

    t. :)

    1. thank you! :) I love seeing other people's hauls too! It just makes me wanna shop more! haha

      What are you planning to buy at Sephora?