Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet delight divalicious September Sample Box

Hi everyone!
I quickly received my Sweet delight divalicious Sample Box that was sold out in 57 mins when it came out. It costed me 26$ CAD.
Here are the samples that I got:  
Some jewellery from (left to right) The Curious Cupcake, I Candy Crystals and Spritzy Fitzy.
My thoughts: Sincerely, I don't like any of the jewellery they gave me but I won't throw it away. I'm not sure what I will do with all that...
2 scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers in the scents "cinnamon" and "black cherry":
My thoughts: I don't really use pencils anymore so I think I will give it to my sisters:)
Some candles from Gammy's Beezwax Candles and Gold Canyon, a mini soap from Century House soaperie and lip balms
My thoughts: I love thoses candles! It smells so good :) And I can't wait to try the solid perfume. I got it in the scent: Fresh n Free. The only thing that I don't like in this picture is : the carnival lipstick from Monaco International. The color that I got is purple mixed with some white ? ....

Next, I got a full size (120 ml) of post epilating spray from NISIM KALO, a body lotion from California Body Care, some samples of skin care from Simply Natural and an eye cream from Renu Derma.
My thoughts:  OMG I just checked the price of the post epilating spray and it costs 57.40$ CAD on their website! I only paid 26$ for the box so let's say it was really worth it:) I really hope that it works on me because who doesn't want to be hairless? I will be trying it very soon on one of my leg and I will keep you updated! If you want some description of the product, click here.
 Finally, I got some samples of lotion from Spa ressource and some hair products from frizz-ease and Sister's Keeper Products.

My thoughts: I can't wait to try all these but the only thing I don't want to try is the Dip Hair and Body moisturizer. Maybe it's because of the packaging and the smell of candies that freaks me out..

Overall, I really like my box (especially because I got a post epilating spray from NISIM KALO) and I will repurchase another box on november :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank you Garnier!

Omg I JUST received this after posting the forever21 haul :

I got the little sample ( in the middle of the picture) last week and today, I received a free full size bottle of the new Garnier Body Intensive 7 days :) If I have time, I will do a review on this lotion in 2-3weeks.

Random stuffs:)

I found some cute stuffs at Winners today with my boyfriend and he bought it all for me :)
I really adore those boxes/organizers! The mint color and the pictures on it are really CUTE ! 
I love PARIS <3 C'est définitivement mon amour! 

This one costs: 12.99$

This one costs: 7.99$ 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love free samples!

I got this a few days ago from P&G :)

My jewelry organizers

I bought some cute earring/jewelry organizers on ebay last month because I couldn't find any of these in montreal :( It took about 2 weeks to receive it but it was worth the wait :)

It didn't cost me more than 20$ for these two organizers! :)

Glossybox: September 2012

What I received in my glossybox :

Left: B.Kamins maple body lotion (12ml) WORTH 2.75$
& B.Kamins lip balm spf 20 (4ml) WORTH 5.60$
*<3 : 4/5
Right: mini Dove deodorant (17g) WORTH 1.50$ (it's a good size for travelling)
**<3 : 3/5
Wella professionals mirror polish shine spray FULL SIZE (40 ml) WORTH 12.99$
**<3 : 3/5 (I prefer to get the serum one)
Last but not the least: NYX cosmetics: the Crimson amulet collection  FULL SIZE worth 25$
**<3 : 5/5 (This palette has EVERYTHING you need to be pretty! )
This is my favourite box by far:)  Glossybox is getting better and better as a lot of you may notice. We used to get drugstore items and there were not a lot of makeup :( I was about to cancel my subscription but since they improved a lot, I changed my mind:)