Thursday, February 21, 2013

theprettyvain's giveaway

theprettyvain is having a blog giveaway until feb 28 !!  Go check her blog now if you haven't because she's a nice blogger :) She's giving an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.

Enter here for the giveaway :) Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Topbox ~December 2012

My topbox has arrived to my house on last Sunday. Yes, it was a Sunday, so I was really surprised and happy :) But I was scared to open it because I saw the spoilers on facebook and many subscribers didn't received a nice topbox...

So here is my box :

China Glaze in shade "exotic encounters"        
Full size : 10-12$ (14mL) 

ChloƩ Eau de Parfum (mini sample 5mL)
Full size: 90$ (50mL) / 115$ (75mL)

Goldwell Bodyfying spray gel (mini sample 30mL)
Full size: 18.95$ (150 mL)

Ferro Cosmetics (mini sample)
Price: ?

Total value :  23.46$

I only love 2 items in my box: china glaze's nail polish and ChloĆ© eau de parfum. Compared to the others topboxes that I have seen on facebook, I'm happy what I have received, so I think I shouldn't complain :) 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ipsy VS topbox in November

I should have done this post earlier but I was busy because of my exams and my catch-up on my studies after my vacation from Punta Cana on October.

So here is what I have received in my ipsy bag in November 2012:

*the main reason why I have subscribed to ipsy was all because of the Benefit's mascara that a lot of bloggers rave about :) I knew that they were going to give it to the first 1000 canadian subscribers so I quickly ordered mine. Ipsy always gives some sneak peaks at the beginning of the month before sending their bags which is a nice way to know what you will be receiving before purchasing it. So far, I know that next month's bag will contain a urban decay;s glide-on pencil zero and a nyx's eyeshadow pigments. (You can always go to their facebook page to verify what I just said)

my favorites in my ipsy bag are:

  • benefit's mascara
  • theBalm's meet matt(e) eyeshadow
  • Nailtini's nail lacquer in Millionaire

Price: 15$CAD

And this my november's topbox (I posted the same picture two weeks ago):

My favorites are:

  • benefit's mascara (it's the same one that I have received in my ipsy bag)
  • hand butter from cuccio naturale

Price: 13.56 $CAD

I personally like my ipsy bag more than my topbox because I think that it's more worth it. Topbox have deceived me all the time and it is only 1.44$ cheaper than ipsy's so why not pay 15$ to have a better box? 

*If you have noticed, I didn't compare theses boxes with Glossybox because Topbox and Ipsy look almost alike as a I see it.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sephora Hauls

*This post is a collective haul from Sephora.*

So this is my online order :
~The shipping was a little bit long compared to my other experiences with ebay, sasa, etc...(I received it after 12 days) : 

I mainly made an order on because of this gift set that is unavailable in my area.

I purchased the following products just to have the free shipping :)

I finally exchanged my 500 points for something worth it :) 
The Nars kit contained a: Pro prime pore refining primer, pro prime smudgeproof eyeshadow base, a small velvet gloss pencil in new lover, and a small Orgasm blush.

I'm really excited to try it because I don't owned any of their products and I have heard good reviews on this brand in general.

I got this amazing bag of deluxe samples with the code ''party'' only available for Canadian residents (Unfortunately, it's already expired).

Finally, Sephora gave me a VIB tote and some mini samples:

VIB 20% off : 

I only bought myself a Hello Kitty perfume. Isn't the bottle cute? but it smells really good too:)

Black friday 12$ deals :

 Omg this bronzer smells just like chocolates and the brush is so cute and mini!

The last but not the least: SAMPLES :)

Glossybox : November 2012

I received my last glossybox that I exchanged with my glossydots on friday but I wasn't so excited like the first time because I saw some spoilers and when I know that some drugstore products will be inside the box, I was a little bit disappointed...Anyways I'm still happy with it (at least the size of the products is 5-10 times bigger than topbox's).

Products received: 

1-Nicole by opi Kardashian kolor holiday shades (15ml)    10.99$
2-Kryolan for Glossybox blusher in glossy pink (2.5g)    16.73$   
3-vitabath (170g)    18$
4-maybelline mny my gloss (9ml)    7.49$
5-curel hand & cuticle therapy cream (100ml)    3.99$
***The products #1-5 are all full size!!! :)
6-Nexxus salon hair care (89ml each)    shampoo: 400ml/9.99$
                                                        conditionner: 400ml/14.99$  

Total value: 62.76$

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Topbox ~November 2012

Hi! I just received my topbox (version#1) and you will notice that this post is a bit empty because I have an exam tomorrow so I don't really have the time to blabla! (I'm sorry ><) I'm so stressed now! 

So this is what I got:

Overall, I REALLY love my topbox! I can't wait to try the benefit's mascara that I have been waiting for so long! :) Have a nice day <3

Monday, October 15, 2012

My first topbox : October 2012

Omg I finally got my first topbox! Canada Post came at my house at 6:15pm (so late..) I'm super happy right now!! I was on the waiting list for about 6 months! If you're still on that list, be patient because it's worth it! :) A week ago, I didn't know if I should continue subscribing to glossybox because I'm still a full-time student who doesn't work so two subscriptions for me is a bit too much. But now, since glossybox is increasing the price, it made my choice. I will unsubscribe in november after using my 1000 glossydots. It's a bit ridiculous to pay 21$ each month because we are mostly receiving drugstore products in most of the boxes. I might changed my mind if glossybox is willing to put more high-end products in the upcoming boxes..

anyways, here is what I received in my Topbox :

Just to let you know, I got version #1 and I'm a bit disappointed because compared to others versions, some people got a Stila primer pot and I would like to try it. I don't know how you think but don't you think that a facial sheet mask that costs 4.99$ is a bit expensive? My favourite facial sheet mask has always been My Beauty Diary (from a taiwanese brand) and it doesn't cost more than 13.60$US/box of 10 facial sheets masks on I'm sure you will fall in love after trying those masks! (BTW, sasa is having a promotion again: you only need to spend 29$US to enjoy the free shipping!)