Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet delight divalicious September Sample Box

Hi everyone!
I quickly received my Sweet delight divalicious Sample Box that was sold out in 57 mins when it came out. It costed me 26$ CAD.
Here are the samples that I got:  
Some jewellery from (left to right) The Curious Cupcake, I Candy Crystals and Spritzy Fitzy.
My thoughts: Sincerely, I don't like any of the jewellery they gave me but I won't throw it away. I'm not sure what I will do with all that...
2 scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers in the scents "cinnamon" and "black cherry":
My thoughts: I don't really use pencils anymore so I think I will give it to my sisters:)
Some candles from Gammy's Beezwax Candles and Gold Canyon, a mini soap from Century House soaperie and lip balms
My thoughts: I love thoses candles! It smells so good :) And I can't wait to try the solid perfume. I got it in the scent: Fresh n Free. The only thing that I don't like in this picture is : the carnival lipstick from Monaco International. The color that I got is purple mixed with some white ? ....

Next, I got a full size (120 ml) of post epilating spray from NISIM KALO, a body lotion from California Body Care, some samples of skin care from Simply Natural and an eye cream from Renu Derma.
My thoughts:  OMG I just checked the price of the post epilating spray and it costs 57.40$ CAD on their website! I only paid 26$ for the box so let's say it was really worth it:) I really hope that it works on me because who doesn't want to be hairless? I will be trying it very soon on one of my leg and I will keep you updated! If you want some description of the product, click here.
 Finally, I got some samples of lotion from Spa ressource and some hair products from frizz-ease and Sister's Keeper Products.

My thoughts: I can't wait to try all these but the only thing I don't want to try is the Dip Hair and Body moisturizer. Maybe it's because of the packaging and the smell of candies that freaks me out..

Overall, I really like my box (especially because I got a post epilating spray from NISIM KALO) and I will repurchase another box on november :)


  1. We got a similar box. Have you thought about doing a give away for the jewelry? I am thinking of doing that with the earrings I got.

    I was impressed to when I saw that Kalo and shocked that so paid for the box and like you I hope it works.

    1. I didn't think about doing a giveaway but I will think about that later:)

      I'm trying the NISIM KALO spray for the second day and until now, I don't have any problem with it.

  2. We definitely got a similar box... I guess we mostly all did.
    I had seen the pens/pencils in the preview page and was hoping I'd get those but didn't, boohoo ;) They seem really interesting! The lipstick you got looks like a weird colour. Who wears dark purple lipstick? Mine looks like a wearable but a bit too brown colour but I find it stinks so I wouldn't want to wear it for that reason anyway. It's like coffee (which is the name of it) mixed with gross waxy lipstick scent.

    Thanks for sharing your box contents!

    1. Sincerely, the pencils aren't that special except that it's scented and the quality seems soso. I really wanted the revlon nails :(

  3. Check out sampler village on FB .. they have pretty good boxs also.