Monday, October 15, 2012

My first topbox : October 2012

Omg I finally got my first topbox! Canada Post came at my house at 6:15pm (so late..) I'm super happy right now!! I was on the waiting list for about 6 months! If you're still on that list, be patient because it's worth it! :) A week ago, I didn't know if I should continue subscribing to glossybox because I'm still a full-time student who doesn't work so two subscriptions for me is a bit too much. But now, since glossybox is increasing the price, it made my choice. I will unsubscribe in november after using my 1000 glossydots. It's a bit ridiculous to pay 21$ each month because we are mostly receiving drugstore products in most of the boxes. I might changed my mind if glossybox is willing to put more high-end products in the upcoming boxes..

anyways, here is what I received in my Topbox :

Just to let you know, I got version #1 and I'm a bit disappointed because compared to others versions, some people got a Stila primer pot and I would like to try it. I don't know how you think but don't you think that a facial sheet mask that costs 4.99$ is a bit expensive? My favourite facial sheet mask has always been My Beauty Diary (from a taiwanese brand) and it doesn't cost more than 13.60$US/box of 10 facial sheets masks on I'm sure you will fall in love after trying those masks! (BTW, sasa is having a promotion again: you only need to spend 29$US to enjoy the free shipping!)


  1. I got version 9 (I will be posting soon) and I wasn't really impressed with it. I am happy to have gotten the stila primer pot but everything else was kinda of blah for me.

    I kept my glossybox because I am a subscriber so this months box is only $15 but I will have to see what it will be like when its $21. Plus I will redeem my glossydots for a free one.

    1. I hope that the next topbox will be better or else, i will think about unsubscribing it too...

  2. I agree on the sheet masks, I do prefer to pay 13-14$ for a box of 10 My Beauty Diary masks. :)